Jie-Tai YU, Professor

Department of Mathematics
The University of Hong Kong

yujt [AT] hku.hk

Research Interests:

The research areas of Jie-Tai Yu are commutative algebra, noncommutative algebra, and affine algebraic geometry. Joint with his collaborators, Jie-Tai Yu has settled a few long-standing open problems in these areas:
Solved Bergman's Embedding Problem for free associative algebras (IJAC 2003 and BLNS 2003), settled the the strong Nagata Conjecture (PNAS 2004), strong Anick Conjecture (PNAS 2006/JEMS 2007), obtained a sharp lower degree bound for subalgebras generated by two elements of a free associative algebra (JEMS 2008/J.Algeba 2012), solved the z-Lifting Problem (Selecta Math 2011) and the z-Stable Tameness Problem (Selecta Math 2012).
Jie-Tai Yu is on the editorial boards of Serdica Mathematical Journal (Since 2004), Communications in Algebra (Since 2007), and Communications in Mathematical Research (2012).
In 2010, Jie-Tai Yu was selected as one of distinguished scholars in the `National 1000 Plan' by the Central Chinese Government.

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