The University of Hong Kong  Institute of Mathematical Research

IMR Preprint Series 2017

IMR2017: # Author(s) Title
#01Mok, N.Full cones swept out by minimal rational curves on irreducible Hermitian symmetric spaces as examples of varieties underlying geometric substructures
#02Mok, N.Zariski Closures of Images of Algebraic Subsets under the Uniformization Map on Finite-Volume Quotients of the Complex Unit Ball
#03Han, G. (with Liu, X.)On Continuous-Time Gaussian Channels
#04Zang, W. (with Chen, X., Ding, G. & Zhao, Q.)Ranking Tournaments with No Errors
#05Huang, D. & Song, J.Some results on optimal stopping problems for one-dimensional regular diffusions
#06Lau, Y.-K., Ng, M.H. (with Wang, Y.)Statistics of Hecke Eigenvalues for GL(n)
#07Lau, Y.-K (with Wang, Y.)Absolute Values of L-Functions for GL(N, $\Bbb R$) at the Point 1
#08Ng, T.W. (with Wu, C.F.)Nonlinear Loewy Factorizable Algebraic Odes and Hayman's Conjecture
#09Conte, R.Generalized Bonnet surfaces and Lax pairs of PVI
#10Song, J. (with Song, X. & Zhang, Q.)Nonlinear Feynman-Kac formulae for SPDEs with space-time noise
#11Song, J. (with Xu, F. and Yu, Q.)Limit theorems for functionals of two independent Gaussian processes
#12Zhang, Z. (with Li, S.)Computing eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of Schrödinger equations using a model reduction approach
#13Zhang, Z. (with Chen, J., Lin, L. & Zhou, X.)Two-Parameter Asymptotic Expansions for Elliptic Equations with Small Geometric Perturbation and High Contrast Ratio
#14Zhang, Z. (with Chen, J., Lin, L. & Zhou, X.)Estimation of exciton diffusion lengths of organic semiconductors in random domains
#15Zhang, Z. (with Wang, Z. & Xin, J.)Computing effective diffusivity of chaotic and stochastic flows using structure preserving schemes
#16Zhang, Z. (with Chung, E.T., Efendiev, Y. & Leung, W.T.)Cluster-based Generalized Multiscale Finite Element Method for elliptic PDEs with random coefficients
#17Mok, N. (with Chan, S.-T.)Asymptotic total geodesy of local holomorphic curves on a bounded symmetric domain in its Harish-Chandra realization exiting the boundary

IMR Preprint Series 2016

IMR2016: # Author(s) Title
#01Chan, S.T.Classification Problem of Holomorphic Isometries of the Unit Disk into Polydisks
#02Chan, S.T. & Mok, N.Holomorphic isometries of $\Bbb B^m$ into bounded symmetric domains arise from linear sections of minimal embeddings of their compact duals
#03Young, M.B.Representations of cohomological Hall algebras and Donaldson-Thomas theory with classical structure groups
#04Lau, Y.-K. (with Liu, J. & Wu, J.)Local Behavior of Arithmetical Functions with Applications to Automorphic L-Functions
#05Lau, Y.-K. (with Jiang, Y.-J., Lü, G.-S., Royer, E. & Wu, J.)On Fourier Coefficients of Modular Forms of Half Integral Weight at Squarefree Integers
#06Song, J. (with Balan, R.M.)Hyperbolic Anderson Model with space-time homogeneous Gaussian noise
#07Song, J. (with Chan, X., Hu, Y. & Song, X.)Temporal asymptotics for fractional parabolic Anderson model
#08Han, G. & Li, Y.Asymptotics of Input-Constrained Erasure Channel Capacity
#09Han, G. (with Kavčić, A. & Li, Y.)Capacity of Multilevel NAND Flash Memory Channels
#10Young, M.B. (with Franzen, H.)Cohomological Orientifold Donaldson-Thomas Invariants as Chow Groups
#11Zang, W. (with Ding, G. & Zhao, Q.)On Box-Perfect Graphs
#12Ng, T.W. (with Lau, P.S. & Tsing, N.K.)The star-shapedness of a generalized numerical range
#13Ng, T.W. (with Lau, P.S. & Tsing, N.K.)Convexity and Star-shapedness of Real Linear Images of Special Orthogonal Orbits
#14Ng, T.W. (with Zhang, Y.)Smale's mean value conjecture for finite Blaschke products
#15Mok, N. (with Ng, S.-C.)On compact splitting complex submanifolds of quotients of bounded symmetric domains
#16Ng, T.W. (with Yeung, S.K.)Entire holomorphic curves on a Fermat surface of low degree
#17Lau, Y.-K. (with Wang, Y. & Zhang, D.)Remark on The Paper "On Products of Fourier Coefficients of Cusp Forms"

IMR Preprint Series 2015

IMR2015: # Author(s) Title
#01Mok, N.Holomorphic isometries of the complex unit ball into irreducible bounded symmetric domains
#02Han, G. & Song, J.Extensions of the I-MMSE Relation
#03Liu, X. & Han, G.Capacity Regions of Families of Continuous-Time Multi-User Gaussian Channels
#04Lau, Y.-K. (with Royer, E. & Wu, J.)Sign of Fourier Coefficients of Modular Forms of Half Integral Weight
#05Song, J.On a class of stochastic partial differential equations
#06Zang, W. (with Chen, Q. & Chen, X.)A Polyhedral Description of Kernels
#07Zang, W. (with Ding, G. & Tan, L.)When is the Matching Polytope Box-totally Dual Integral ?
#08Mok, N. & Zhang, Y.Rigidity of pairs of rational homogeneous spaces of Picard number 1 and analytic continuation of geometric substructures on uniruled projective manifolds
#09Mok, N.Geometric structures and substructures on uniruled projective manifolds

IMR Preprint Series 2014

IMR2014: # Author(s) Title
#01Ng, T.W. (with Cheung, W.-S.)A Three-Dimensional Voting System in Hong Kong
#02Young, M.B.The Hall Module of an Exact Category with Duality
#03Zang, W. (with Chen, Z. & Ma, J.)Coloring Digraphs with Forbidden Cycles
#04To, W.-K. & Yeung, S.-K.Finsler Metrics and Kobayashi Hyperbolicity of the Moduli Spaces of Canonically Polarized Manifolds
#05Young, M.B.Self-Dual Quiver Moduli and Counting Invariants
#06Ng, T.W. (with Cheung, P.-L.)Finiteness of Fixed Equilibrium Configurations of Point Vortices in the Plane with Background Flow
#07Ng, T.W. (with Cheung, P.-L., Tsai, J. & Yam, S.C.P.)Higher Order, Polar and Sz.-Nagy's Generalized Derivatives of Random Polynomials with Independent and Identically Distributed Zeros on the Unit Circle
#08Chan, S.T.On Global Rigidity of the p-th Root Embedding
#09Young, M.B. (with Dhillon, A.)The Motive of the Classifying Stack of the Orthogonal Group

IMR Preprint Series 2013

IMR2013: # Author(s) Title
#01Mok, N.Uniqueness modulo reduction of Bergman meromorphic compactifications of canonically embeddable Bergman manifolds
#02Hsu, S.F.'t Hooft-Polyakov monopole of higher generalized angular momenta
#03Han, G.A Randomized Algorithm for the Capacity of Finite-State Channels
#04Han, G. (with Xu, L.)Minimum Number of Hubs in Networks
#05Liu, M.-C.The Two Goldbach Conjectures
#06Mok, N.Local holomorphic curves on a bounded symmetric domain in its Harish-Chandra realization exiting at regular points of the boundary
#07Zang, W. (with Wu, Y., Ye, D. & Zhang, C.-Q.)Nowhere-zero 3-Flows in Signed Graphs

IMR Preprint Series 2012

IMR2012: # Author(s) Title
#01Yu, Jie-Tai (with Belov-Kanel, Alexei)Stable Tameness of Automorphisms of F(x, y, z) Fixing z
#02Yu, Jie-Tai (with Li, Y.-C. )Endomorphisms Preserving Coordinates of Polynomial Algebras
#03Han, G. (with Chandgotia, N., Marcus, B., Meyerovitch, T. & Pavlov, R.)One Dimensional Markov Random Fields, Markov Chains and Topological Markov Fields
#04Han, G. (with Xu, L. & Shang, W.)A Graph Theoretical Approach to Network Encoding Complexity
#05Ng, T.W. (with Conte, R. & Wong, K.-K.)Exact meromorphic stationary solutions of the real cubic Swift-Hohenberg equation
#06Ng, T.W. (with Wang, M.-X)Ritt's theory on the unit disk
#07Lau, Y.K. (with Tenenbaum, G. & Wu, J.)On Mean Values of Random Multiplicative Functions
#08Zang, W. (with Hu, Z. & Law, K.H)An Optimal Binding Number Condition for Bipancyclism
#09Zang, W. (with Chen, X., Ding, G. & Hu, X.)The Maximum-weight Stable Matching Problem: Duality and Efficiency
#10Ng, S.-C.Holomorphic double fibration and its applications on the mapping problems of classical domains
#11Ng, S.-C.On proper holomorphic mappings among irreducible bounded symmetric domains of rank at least 2

IMR Preprint Series 2011

IMR2011: # Author(s) Title
#01Yu, Jie-Tai (with Li, Y.-C. )Applications of Degree Estimate for Subalgebras
#02Han, G. (with Marcus, B.)Concavity of Mutual Information Rate for Input-Restricted Finite-State Memoryless Channels at High SNR
#03Han, G. (with Marcus, B. and Peres, Y.)A note on a complex Hilbert metric with application to domain of analyticity for entropy rate of hidden Markov processes
#04Han, G. (with Li, S.-Y. R. and Yang, Y.)Prime Factorization Theory of Networks
#05Han, G.Limit Theorems for the Sample Entropy of Hidden Markov Chains
#06Han, G. (with Marcus, B.)Entropy Rate of Continuous-State Hidden Markov Chains
#07Lu, J.-H. (with Evens, S.)On some invariants of orbits in the flag variety under a symmetric subgroup
#08Lau, Y.-K. (with Kohnen, W. , and Wu, J.)Fourier coefficients of cusp forms of half-integral weight
#09Zang, W. (with Chen, X. and Chen, Z.)Total Dual Integrality in Some Facility Location Problems
#10Mok, N.Geometry of holomorphic isometries and related maps between bounded domains
#11Ng, S.-C.Cycle spaces of flag domains on Grassmannians and rigidity of holomorphic mappings
#12Ng, S.-C.Proper holomorphic mappings on flag domains of SU(p, q)-type on projective spaces

IMR Preprint Series 2010

IMR2010: # Author(s) Title
#01Yu, Jie-Tai (with Li, Li-bin)Isomorphisms between Quantum Groups $U_q(\mathfrak{sl}_{n+1})$ and $U_p(\mathfrak{sl}_{n+1})$
#02Zang, W. (with Chen, G. and Yu, X.)The Circumference of a Graph with no K3,t-minor, II
#03Tsang, K.M. (with Chan, T.H. and Choi, S.K.K.)An Extension to the Brun-Titchmarsh Theorem, Quart. J. Math. 00 (2010), 1-16
#04Ng, T.-W. (with Conte, R.)Meromorphic solutions of a third order nonlinear differential equation
#05Mok, N. (with Ng, S.-C. and Tu, Z.)Factorization of proper holomorphic maps on irreducible bounded symmetric domains of rank ≥ 2
#06Mok, N. (with Hong, J.)Characterization of smooth Schubert varieties in rational homogeneous manifolds of Picard number 1
#07Lu, J.-H. (with He, X.)On intersections of certain partitions of a group compactification
#08Lu, J.-H.On a dimension formula for twisted spherical conjugacy classes in semisimple algebraic groups
#09Lau, Y.-K. (with Lü, G.)Sums of fourier coefficients of cusp forms
#10Tsang, K.M.Recent Progress on the Dirichlet Divisor Problem and the Mean Square of the Riemann Zeta-function
#11Wu, S.Projective flatness in the quantisation of bosons and fermions
#12Mok, N.On singularities of generically immersive holomorphic maps between complex hyperbolic space forms
#13Yung, S.P. (with Yam, S. C. P. and Zhou, W.)Optimal selling time in stock market over a finite time horizon
#14Yu, Jie-Tai (with Li, Y.-C. )Degree Estimate for Subalgebras
#15Yu, Jie-Tai (with Belov-Kanel, A.)On the Lifting of the Nagata Automorphism
#16Wu, S.Geometric phases in the quantisation of bosons and fermions

IMR Preprint Series 2009

IMR2009: # Author(s) Title
#01Mok, N. (with Sun, X.)Remarks on lines and minimal rational curves
#02Mok, N.On the asymptotic behavior of holomorphic isometries of the Poincaré disk into bounded symmetric domains
#03Mok, N.有界全純函數與VMRT幾何理論在剛性問題上的應用,《多複變在中國的研究與發展》,第492-554頁,科技出版社,北京
#04Mok, N.Projective-algebraicity of minimal compactifications of complex-hyperbolic space forms of finite volume
#05Lau, Y.-K.An omega result for supremum norms of Hecke-eigenforms in the level aspect
#06Lu, J.-H. (with Chan, K.Y. and To, S.K.M.)On intersections of conjugacy classes and Bruhat cells
#07Mok, N. (with Hong, J.)Analytic continuation of holomorphic maps respecting varieties of minimal rational tangents and applications to rational homogeneous manifolds
#08Ng, T.W. (with Chan, T.L. and Cheung, W.S.)Graceful Tree Conjecture for Infinite Trees, The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 16 (2009), 15pages
#09Mok, N.Extension of germs of holomorphic isometries up to normalizing constants with respect to the Bergman metric
#10Ng, S.-C.On holomorphic isometric embeddings of the unit disk into polydisks
#11Ng, T.W. (with Cheung, W.S.)Relationship between the zeros of two polynomials
#12Ng, S.-C.On holomorphic isometric embeddings of the unit n-ball into products of two unit m-balls
#13Mok, N.On the Zariski closure of a germ of totally geodesic complex submanifold on a subvariety of a complex hyperbolic space form of finite volume
#14Mok, N. and Ng, S.-C.Germs of measure-preserving holomorphic maps from bounded symmetric domains to their Cartesian products
#15Han, G. (with Marcus, B.)Asymptotics of input-constrained binary symmetric channel capacity
#16Yu, Jie-Tai (with Li, Li-bin)Isomorphisms and Automorphisms of Quantum Groups
#17Mok, N. and Ng, S.-C.Second fundamental forms of holomorphic isometries of the Poincaré disk into bounded symmetric domains and their boundary behavior along the unit circle
#18Han, G.Menger's Paths with Minimum Mergings
#19Zang, W. (with Chen, X. and Chen, Z.)A Unified Approach to Box-Mengerian Hypergraphs
#20Zang, W. (with Chen, X., Ding, G. and Yu, X.)Bonds with Parity Constraints
#21Lau, Y.-K. (with Kowalski, E. & Wu, J.)On modular signs

IMR Preprint Series 2008

IMR2008: # Author(s) Title
#01Zang, W. (with Chen, X. and Ding, G.)A Characterization of Box-Mengerian Matroid Ports
#02Zang, W. (with Ding, G.)Packing Circuits in Matroids
#03Sun, X.Direct Images of Bundles under Frobenius Morphism
#04Ching, W.K. (with Cong, Y., Bai, Z.-J. and Ng, T.W.)On Optimal Screening and Quarantining Policy in a Network of Prisons, Communications in Information and Systems 7, No.4 (2007), pp.313-336
#05Ching, W.K. (with Nikolova, M., Ng, M.K. and Zhang, S.)Efficient Reconstruction of Piecewise Constant Images Using Nonsmooth Nonconvex Minimization, SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 1 (2008), 2-25
#06Ching, W.K. (with Zhang, S., Jiao, Y., Wu, L.Y. & Chan, R.H.)Construction and Control of Genetic Regulatory Networks: A Multivariate Markov Chain Approach, Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering 1 (2008), 15-21
#07Yu, Jie-Tai (with Drensky, V.)Degree Estimate for Commutators
#08Yu, Jie-Tai (with Drensky, V.)Automorphisms of Polynomial Algebras and Dirichlet Series
#09Mok, N.Geometric Structures on Uniruled Projective Manifolds Defined by their Varieties of Minimal Rational Tangents
#10Mok, N. (with Koziarz, V.)Nonexistence of holomorphic submersions between complex unit balls equivariant with respect to a lattice and their generalizations
#11Yeung, S.-K. (with Prasad, Gopal)Arithmetic Fake Projective Spaces and Arithmetic Fake Grassmannians
#12Yeung, S.-K. (with Prasad, Gopal)Nonexistence of Arithmetic Fake Compact Hermitian Symmetric Spaces of Types Bn, Cn, E6 and E7
#13Ching, W.K. (with Bai, Z.)A Smoothing Newton's Method for the Construction of a Damped Vibrating System From Noisy Test Eigendata, Numerical Linear Algebra with Application (2008)
#14Ching, W.K. (with Hayashida, M., Tamura, T. & Akutsu, T.)Algorithms and Complexity Analyses for Control of Singleton Attractors in Boolean Networks, EURASIP Journal on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (2008)
#15Ching, W.K. (with Wen, Y. and Ng, M.)Iterative Algorithms Based on Decoupling of Deblurring and Denoising for Image Restoration, SIAM J. Sci. Comput. 30, No.5 (2008), 2655-2674
#16Ching, W.K. (with Akutsu, T., Hayashida, M., Zhang, S. and Ng, M.)Analyses and Algorithms for Predecessor and Control Problems for Boolean Networks of Bounded Indegree, IPSJ Transactions on Bioinformatics (2008)
#17Ching, W.K. (with Leung, H.Y. and Leung, I.K.C.)A Stochastic Optimization Model for Consecutive Promotion, Quality Technology & Quantitative Management (2008)
#18Ching, W.K. (with Choi, S.M., Li, T. and Leung, I.K.C.)A Tandem Queueing System with Applications to Pricing Strategy, Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization (2008)
#19Yeung, S.-K.Classification of fake projective planes

IMR Preprint Series 2007

IMR2007: # Author(s) Title
#01Ching, W.K. (with Cong, Y., Ng, T.W. and Tai, A.)A Fast Algorithm for the Spread of HIV in a System of Prisons, Mathematical and Computer Modeling 46 (2007), 1247-1255
#02Ching, W.K. (with Wen, Y. and Ng, M.)Approximate Inverse-Free Preconditioners for Toeplitz Matrices
#03Ching, W.K. (with Chu, S., Ng, M. and So, M.)Dynamic Programming with Priority Models for Production Planning
#04Lau, Y.-K. (with Wu, J.)On the least quadratic non-residue
#05Ching, W.K. (with Siu, T., Li, L., Li, T. and Li, W.)Modeling Default Data via an Interactive Hidden Markov Model
#06Zang, W. (with Ding, G. and Feng, L.)The Complexity of Recognizing Linear Systems with Certain Integrality Properties
#07Ching, W.K. (with Siu, T., Fung, E., Ng, M. and Li, X.)A Higher-Order Markov-Switching Model for Risk Measurement
#08Ching, W.K. (with Li, X., Siu, T. and Wu, Z.)Improving Revenue Management: A Real Option Approach
#09Ching, W.K. (with Siu, T. and Li, L.)Pricing Exotic Options Under a Higher-order Hidden Markov Model, Applied Mathematics and Decision Science, Article ID 18014, 15 pages, 2007
#10Cheung, W.S. (with Qi, F.)Lorgarithmic Convexity of the One-Parameter Mean Values, Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics 11, No.1 (2007), 231-237
#11Cheung, W.S. (with Wong, P.J.Y.)Fixed-sign Solutions for a System of Singular Focal Boundary Value Problems, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 329, 851-869
#12Yu, Jie-Tai (with Gong, S.)Test Elements, Retracts and Automorphic Orbits
#13Yu, Jie-Tai (with Gong, S.)The Preimage of a Coordinate
#14Lu, J.-H. (with Evens, S.)Poisson Geometry of the Grothendieck Resolution of a Complex Semisimple Group
#15Ching, W.K. (with Fung, E. and Ng, M.)Higher-order Multivariate Markov Chains and their Applications, Linear Algebra and Its Applications 428 (2008), 492-570
#16Ching, W.K. (with Li, T. and Xue, J.G.)On Hybrid Re-manufacturing Systems: A Matrix Geometric Approach, Proceedings of IESM 2007
#17Ching, W.K. (with Li, L., Li, T. and Zhang, S.)A New Multivariate Markov Chain Model with Applications to Sales Demand Forecasting, Proceedings of IESM 2007
#18Ching, W.K. (with Cheng, K.W., Li, L., Tsing, N.K. and Wong, Alice S.)Weighted Local Least Squares Imputation Method for Missing Value Estimation, The International Symposium on Optimization and Systems Biology (OSB 2007), Lecture Notes in Operations Research 7, 2007
#19Ching, W.K. (with Zhang, S.Q., Ng, M. and Akutsu, T.)An Approximation Method for Solving the Steady-state Probability Distribution of Probabilistic Boolean Networks, BIOINFORMATICS 23 no.12 (2007), 1511-1518
#20Ching, W.K. (with Ng, T.W., Turinici, G., Chung, S.K. and Danchin, A.)A Parasite Vector-host Epidemic Model for TSE Propagation, Medical Science Monitor, 13(3) (2007) BR59-66
#21Ching, W.K. (with Siu, T.K., Li, L., Li, T. and Li, W.K.)On an Infectious Model for Default Crisis
#22Ching, W.K. (with Siu, T.K., Li, L., Li, T. and Li, W.K.)A Parsimonious Multivariate Markov Chain Model for Credit Risk
#23Ching, W.K. (with Zhang, S.Q., Yue, J., Akutsu, T. and Wong, Alice S.)Optimal Finite-Horizon Control for Probabilistic Boolean Networks with Hard Constraints, The International Symposium on Optimization and Systems Biology (OSB 2007), Lecture Notes in Operations Research 7, 2007
#24Mok, N.Nonexistence of proper holomorphic maps between certain classical bounded symmetric domains
#25Zang, W. (with Chen, X. and Hu, X.)A Min-Max Theorem on Tournaments
#26Mok, N.Characterization of standard embeddings between complex Grassmannians by means of varieties of minimal rational tangents
#27Mok, N.An Isomorphism Theorem for Holomorphic Mappings from Arithmetic Varieties of Rank ≥ 2 into Quotients of Bounded Domains of Finite Intrinsic Measure
#28Ching, W.K. (with Zhang, S.Q., Zhou, X., Wang, H., Suffredini, A. and Gonzales, D.)Peak Detection with Chemical Noise Removal Using Short-Time FFT for a Kind of MALDI Data, The International Symposium on Optimization and Systems Biology (OSB 2007), Lecture Notes in Operations Research 7, 2007
#29Ng, T.W. (with Chan, T.L. and Cheung, W.S.)Graceful Tree Conjecture for Infinite Trees
#30Ng, T.W. (with Eremenko, A. & Liao, L.W.)Meromorphic solutions of higher order Briot-Bouquet differential equations
#31Lu, J.-H.A Note on Poisson Homogeneous Spaces

IMR Preprint Series 2006

IMR2006: # Author(s) Title
#01Mok, N.Rigidity Problems on Compact Quotients of Bounded Symmetric Domains
#02Ching, W.K. (with Siu, T., Fung, E. and Ng, M.)Extracting Information from Spot Interest Rates and Credit Ratings using Double Higher-Order Hidden Markov Models, Computational Economics 26 (2005), 251-284
#03Ching, W.K. (with Siu, T., Fung, E. and Ng, M.)Option Valuation Under Multivariate Markov Chain Model via Esscher Transform
#04Ching, W.K. (with Akutsu, T., Hayashida, M. and Ng, M.)On the Complexity of Finding Control Strategies for Boolean Networks, Advances in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, (Editors: T. Jiang, U. Yang, Y. Chen L. Wong) Imperial College Press. Proceedings of the 4th Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference, 13-16 Feb, 2006, Taiwan 3 (2006), 99-108
#05Ching, W.K. (with Zhang, S., Ng, M. and Akutsu, T.)A Linear Control Model for Gene Intervention in a Genetic Regulatory Network, Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Granular Computing, Beijing, 25-27 July 2005, 1 (2005), 354-358
#06Ching, W.K. (with Fung, E., Lee, Y. and Ng, M.)A Recursive Method for Solving Haplotype Frequencies in Multiple Loci Linkage Analysis, Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 4 (2007), 1269-1286
#07Ching, W.K. (with Tai, A. and Chan, L.Y.)Hidden Markov Model for the Detection of Machine Failure, Proceeding of the 36th International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, Taiwan, June (2006), 2009-2020
#08Ng, T.W. (with Zheng, J.H. and Choi, Y.Y.)Residual Julia Sets of Meromorphic Functions
#09Ng, T.W. (with Beardon, A.F.)Parametrizations of Algebraic Curves
#10Sun, X.Remarks on Giesecker's degeneration and its normalization
#11Ching, W.K. (with Lee, Y.)On Convergent Probability of a Random Walk, International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology 36 (2005), 680-683
#12Ching, W.K. (with Ng, M. and Wen, Y.)Block Diagonal and Schur Complement Preconditioners for Block Toeplitz Systems with Small Size Blocks, Toeplitz Systems with Small Size Blocks SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Its Applications 29 (4) (2007), 1101-1119
#13Zang, W. (with Chen, G., Gao, Z. and Yu, X.)Approximating longest cycles in graphs with bounded degrees
#14Zang, W. (with Chen, G., Sheppardson, L. and Yu, X.)The circumference of a graph with no K3,t-minor
#15Cheung, W.S.Some new nonlinear inequalities and applications to boundary value problems
#16Cheung, W.S. (with Zhao, D. and Pečarić, J.)Opial-Type Inequalities for Differential Operators
#17Yu, Jie-Tai (with Drensky, V.)Automorphic equivalence problem for free associative algebras of rank two
#18Yu, Jie-Tai (with Markar-Limanov, L.)Degree esetimate for two-generated subalgebras
#19Yu, Jie-Tai (with Gong, S.)The linear coordinate preserving problem
#20Ching, W.K. (with Ng, M., Chan, E. and So, M.)A Semi-Supervised Regression Model for Mixed Numerical and Categorical Variables, Pattern Recognition 40 (6) (2007), 1745-1752
#21Ching, W.K. (with Ng, M. and Zhang S.)On Multi-dimensional Markov Chain Models, Pacific Journal of Optimization 3 (2007), 235-243
#22Ching, W.K. (with Akutsu, T., Ng, M. and Zhang, S.)Simulation Study in Probabilistic Boolean Network Models for Genetic Regulatory Networks, International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics 1 (2007), 217-240
#23Lu, J.-H. (with Yakimov, M.)Partitions of the Wonderful Group Compactification
#24Yu, Jie-TaiAutomorphic Orbit Problem for Polynomial Algebras
#25Yu, Jie-Tai (with Drensky, V.)A Cancellation Conjecture for Free Associative Algebras
#26Ching, W.K. (with Ng, M. and Wen, Y.)Fast Solvers for Queueing Systems with Negative Customers, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools, 11-13 October, 2006 Pisa, Italy
#27Ching, W.K. (with Fung, E., Ng, M., Siu, T.K. and Li, W.K.)Interactive Hidden Markov Models and Their Applications, IMA Journal of Management Mathematics 18 (2007) 85-97
#28Lu, J.-H. (with Yakimov, M.)Group Orbits and Regular Partitions of Poisson Manifolds
#29Cheung, W.S. (with Ren, J.)Discrete Nonlinear Inequalities and Applications to Boundary Value Problems, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 319, 708-724
#30Cheung, W.S. (with Pecaric, J.)Bohr's Inequalities for Hilbert Space Operators, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 323, 403-412
#31Cheung, W.S. (with Ren, J.)Periodic Solutions for p-Laplacian Rayleigh Equations, Nonlinear Analysis 65, 2003-2012
#32Cheung, W.S. (with Zhao, C.)Inverses of New Hilbert-Pachpatte Type Inequalities, Journal of Inequalities and Applications 2006, 1-11
#33Cheung, W.S. (with Wong, B.)On a Non-abelian Invariant over Complex Surface of General Type, Sciences in China, Series A: Mathematics 49, No.12, 1897-1900

IMR Preprint Series 2005

IMR2005: # Author(s) Title
#01Mok, N.On Holomorphic Immersions into Kähler Manifolds of Constant Holomorphic Sectional Curvature
#02Lau, Y.-K. (with Tsang, K.-M.)A mean square formula for central values of twisted automorphic L-functions
#03Zang, W. (with Thomas, R. and Yu, X.)Hamilton Paths in Toroidal Graphs
#04Yu, Jie-Tai (with Drensky, V.)The Strong Anick Conjecture is True
#05Yu, Jie-Tai (with Markar-Limanov, L. and Shpilrain, V.)Equivalence of polynomials under automorphisms of K[x; y]
#06Yu, Jie-Tai (with Lam, C.M., Shpilrain, V.)Recognizing and Parametrizing Curves without Affine Singularities
#07Lau, Y.-K. (with Tsang, K.-M.)Omega result for the mean square of the Riemann zeta function (The original publication is available at (manuscripta mathematica).)
#08Yu, Jie-Tai (with Belov, A.)On Low-Dimensional Cancellation Problems
#09Mok, N.Recognizing Certain Rational Homogeneous Manifolds of Picard Number 1 from their Varieties of Minimal Rational Tangents
#10Cheung, W.S. (with Ren, J.)Twin Positive Solutions for Quasi-linear Multi-Point Boundary Value Problems
#11Cheung, W.S. (with Ren, J.)Periodic Solutions for p-Laplacian Differential Equations with Multiple Deviating Arguments
#12Cheung, W.S. (with Ma, Q.)On Certain New Gronwall-Ou-Iang Type Integral Inequalities in Two Variables and Their Applications
#13Cheung, W.S. (with Pecaric, J. and Ma, Q.)Some New Weighted Hardy-type Inequalities of Vector-Valued Functions
#14Zang, W. (with Chen, X., Ding, G. and Hu, X.)A Min-Max Relation on Packing Feedback Vertex Sets
#15Ching, W.K. (with Siu, T., Fung, E. and Ng, M.)On a Multivariate Markov Chain Model for Credit Risk Measurement
#16Lu, J.-H.A Note on Poisson Homogeneous Spaces
#17Ng, T.W. (with Cheung, W.S.)A companion matrix approach to the study of zeros and critical points of a polynomial

IMR Preprint Series 2004

IMR2004: # Author(s) Title
#01Sun, X (with Tsai, I.-H.)Hitchin's Connection and Differential Operators with Values in the Determinant Bundle
#02Sun, X.Logarithmic Heat Projective Operators
#03Mok, N.Extremal Bounded Holomorphic Functions and an Embedding Theorem for Arithmetic Varieties of Rank ≥ 2
#04Mok, N. (with Hwang, J.-M.)Prolongations of Infinitesimal Linear Automorphisms of Projective Varieties and Rigidity of Rational Homogeneous Spaces of Picard Number 1 under Kähler Deformation
#05Ren, X.The Waring-Goldbach Problem under the Hasse-Weil Hypothesis
#06Tsang, K.M. (with Ren, X.)The Waring-Goldbach Problem for Unlike Powers
#07Tsang, K.M. (with Ren, X.)On Roth's Theorem Concerning a Cube and Three Cubes of Primes
#08Tsang, K.M. (with Ren, X.)On a Waring-Goldbach Type Problem for Fourth Powers
#09Ren, X.On Exponential Sum over Primes and Applications in Waring-Goldbach Problem
#10Tsang, K.M. (with Ren, X.)On Representation of Integers by Sums of a Cube and Three Cubes of Primes
#11Mok, N. (with Hwang, J.-M.)Birationality of the Tangent Map for Minimal Rational Curves
#12Mok, N. (with Eyssidieux, P.)On the Validity or Failure of Gap Rigidity for Certain Pairs of Bounded Symmetric Domains
#13Sun, X.Minimal Rational Curves on Moduli Spaces of Stable Bundles
#14Lau, Y.-K.A Study of the Mean Value of the Error Term in the Mean Square Formula of the Riemann Zeta-function in the Critical Strip 3/4 ≤ σ < 1
#15Lau, Y.-K.Mean Square Estimate for Twisted Automorphic L-Functions on Weight Aspect
#16Zang, W. (with Luo, R. and Zhang, C.-Q.)Nowhere-zero 4-flows, Simultaneous Edge-colorings, and Critical Partial Latin Squares
#17Zang, W. (with Deng, X., Li, G.)Proof of Chvátal's Conjecture on Maximal Stable Sets and Maximal Cliques in Graphs
#18Lu, J.-H. (with Ji, L.)New Realizations of the Maximal Satake Compactifications of Riemannian Symmetric Spaces of Non-Compact Type
#19Lu, J.-H. (with Evens, S.)Thompson's Conjecture for Real Semi-simple Lie Groups
#20Lu, J.-H. (with Foth, P.)A Poisson Structure on Compact Symmetric Spaces
#21Lu, J.-H. (with Foth, P.)Poisson Structures on Complex Flag Manifolds Associated with Real Forms
#22Lau, Y.-K. (with Tsang, K.-M.)Moments of the Probability Density Functions of Error Terms in Divisor Problems
#23Lau, Y.-K. (with Wu, J.)A density theorem of automorphic L-functions and some applications
#24Ng, T.W. (with Beardon, A.F., Carne, T.K. and Minda, D.)Random Iteration of Analytic Maps
#25Lau, Y.-K. (with Tsang, K.-M.)Moments over Short Intervals
#26Lu, J.-H. (with Yakimov, M.)On a Class of Double Cosets in Reductive Algebraic Groups
#27Lu, J.-H. (with Evens, S.)On the Variety of Lagrangian Subalgebras, II
#28Cheung, W.S. (with Ren, J.)Positive Solution for m-Point Boundary Value Problems
#29Cheung, W.S.Some Discrete Nonlinear Inequalities and Applications to Boundary Value Problems for Difference Equations
#30Cheung, W.S. (with Ren, J.)Periodic Solutions for p-Laplacian Liénrd Equation with a Deviating Argument
#31Cheung, W.S. (with Lin,Y.-T., Tseng, S. and Strecker, G.E.)On a Weak Form of the Blumberg Property
#32Cheung, W.S. (with Ren, J.)On the Existence of Periodic Solutions for p-Laplacian Generalized Liénard Equation
#33Yeung, S.-K.Quasi-Isometry of Metrics on Teichmüller Spaces

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