Research Output List 2001-02

Dept of Mathematics

Scholarly books, monographs and chapters

Cheung W.S., Calculus of Variations via Exterior Differential Systems, In: N. Mok, Aspects of Mathematics. Hong Kong, HKU, 2001, 75-96. (Publication No. : 66695)

Chu S.C.K., Goal Programming Model for Airport Ground Support Equipment Parking, In: Trzaskalik, T. and Michnik, J., Multiple Objective and Goal Programming. Advances in Soft Computing. Physica-Verlag, 2002, 235-246. (Publication No. : 66788)

Journal publications

Cheung W.S. and Wong C.W., Cartan Form via an Exterior Differential Systems Approach, International Journal of Differential Equations and Applications. 2002, 4(3): 329-347. (Publication No. : 66697)

Cheung W.S., Generalizations of Hölder's Inequality, International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. 2001, 26(1): 7-10. (Publication No. : 66694)

Cheung W.S., Some Discrete Poincaré-type Inequalities, International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. 2001, 25(7): 479-488. (Publication No. : 66693)

Ching W.K., A Note on the Bias Reduction Method in the Valuations of Exotic Options, International Journal of Applied Mathematics. 2002, 8: 1, 11-23. (Publication No. : 66898)

Ching W.K., Machine Repairing Models for Production Systems, International Journal of Production Economics. 2001, 70: 257-266. (Publication No. : 66699)

Ching W.K., Manufacturing Systems with Fuzzy Backlog Cost, International Mathematical Journal. 2002, 2: 173-178. (Publication No. : 66897)

Ching W.K., Non-linear Optimisation and Traffic Demand Estimation, WSEAS Trans. on Systems. 2002, 1: 99-102. (Publication No. : 66899)

Ching W.K., Optimal (s, S) Policies with Delivery Time Guarantees for Manufacturing Systems with Early Setup, International Journal of Computers and Industrial Engineering. 2001, 40: 249-257. (Publication No. : 66700)

Ching W.K., Stochastic Neural Network Models for Quadratic Assignment Problems, International Mathematical Journal. 2002, 1: 91-96. (Publication No. : 66701)

Lau Y.K. and Tsang K.M., Large values of error terms of a class of arithmetical functions, Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik. Germany, Walter de Gruyter, 2002, 544: 25-38. (Publication No. : 66887)

Lau Y.K., Local distribution of ordered factorizations of integers, Journal of Number Theory. USA, Academic Press, 2001, 91: 312-317. (Publication No. : 66891)

Lau Y.K., On a generalized divisor problem I, Nagoya Mathematical Journal. Japan, Graduate School of Mathematics, Nagoya University, 2002, 165: 71-78. (Publication No. : 66888)

Lau Y.K., On the Existence of Limiting Distributions of Some Number-Theoretic Error Terms, Journal of Number Theory. USA, Academic Press, 2002, 94: 359-374. (Publication No. : 69664)

Lau Y.K., On the error term of the mean square formula for the Riemann zeta-function in the critical strip 3/4 < sigma < 1, Acta Arithmetica. Warszawa, Poland, Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 2002, 102: 157-165. (Publication No. : 66889)

Lau Y.K., On the tails of the limiting distribution function of the error term in the Dirichlet divisor problem, Acta Arithmetica. Warszawa, Poland, Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 2001, 100: 329-337. (Publication No. : 66892)

Lau Y.K. and Wu J., Sums of some multiplicative functions over a special set of integers, Acta Arithmetica. Warszawa, Poland, Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 2002, 101: 365-394. (Publication No. : 66890)

Liu M.C., Liu J. and Zhan T., Squares of primes and powers of 2, II, Journal of Number Theory. 2002, 92: 99-116. (Publication No. : 66645)

Mok N., Characterization of certain holomorphic geodesic cycles on quotients of bounded symmetric domains in terms of tangent subspaces, Compositio Mathematica. 2002, 132: 289-309. (Publication No. : 66703)

Mok N. and Hwang J.M., Deformation rigidity of the rational homogeneous space associated to a long root, Ann. Scient. Ec. Norm. Sup.. 2002, 35: 173-184. (Publication No. : 66705)

Mok N., On Fano manifolds with nef tangent bundles admitting 1-dimensional varieties of minimal rational tangents, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. 2002, 354: 2639-2658. (Publication No. : 66704)

Mok N. and Hwang J.M., Projective manifolds dominated by abelian varieties, Mathematische Zeitschrift. 2001, 238: 89-150. (Publication No. : 66702)

Ng K.P. and Cheung W.M.Y., Block-Circulant Preconditioners for Systems Arising from Discretization of the Three-Dimensional Convection-Diffusion Equation, Journal of Computational Applied Math.. 2002, 140: 143-158. (Publication No. : 67200)

Ng K.P. and Potts D., Circulant Preconditioners for Indefinite Toeplitz Systems, BIT. 2001, 41: 1079-1088. (Publication No. : 67172)

Ng K.P. and Kwan W., Comments on Least Squares Restoration of Multichannel Images, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. 2001, 49: 2885. (Publication No. : 67186)

Ng K.P., Koo J. and Bose N., Constrained Total Least Squares Computations for High Resolution Image Reconstruction with Multisensors, International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology. 2002, 12: 35-42. (Publication No. : 67192)

Ng K.P., Ho K.F., Beling C.D., Fung S.H.Y., Chan K.L. and Tang H.W., Deconvoluting Double Doppler Spectra, Materials Science Forum. Switzerland, Trans Tech Publications, 2001, 363-365: 673-675. (Publication No. : 67190)

Ng K.P. and Kwan W., High-Resolution Color Image Reconstruction with Neumann Boundary Conditions, Annals of Operations Research. 2001, 103: 99-114. (Publication No. : 67208)

Ng K.P., Wen Y. and Rost K., On Inversion of Toeplitz Matrices, Linear Algebra and Its Applications. 2002, 348: 145-151. (Publication No. : 67174)

Ng K.P., Chan R. and Jin X.Q., Strang's Circulant Preconditioners for Systems of LMF-Based ODE Codes, IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis. 2001, 21: 451-462. (Publication No. : 67197)

Ng K.P. and Bertaccini D., The Convergence Rate of Block Preconditioned Systems Arising from LMF-based ODE Codes, BIT. 2001, 41: 433-450. (Publication No. : 67199)

Ng T.W., Imprimitive parametrization of analytic curves and factorizations of entire functions, Journal of London Mathematical Society. 2001, 64(2): 1-10. (Publication No. : 66771)

Ng T.W., Permutable entire functions and their Julia Sets, Mathematical Proceeding of Cambridge Philosophical Society. 2001, 131(1): 129-138. (Publication No. : 66768)

Ng T.W., Beardon A.F. and Minda D., Smale's Mean Value conjecture and the hyperbolic metric, Mathematische Annalen. Springer-Verlag, 2002, 322: 623-632. (Publication No. : 66901)

Ren X., Density of integers that are the sum of four cubes of primes, Chinese Annals of Mathematics. 2001, 22B, no.2: 233-242. (Publication No. : 66650)

Ren X., The exceptional set in Roth's theorem concerning a cube and three cubes of primes, The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics. 2001, 52: 107-126. (Publication No. : 66649)

Siu M.K., The Pythagorean theorem again? Anything new?, Cubo Mathemática Educacional. 2001, 3(2): 1-9. (Publication No. : 67892)

Siu M.K., Lit C.K. and Wong N.Y., The use of history in the teaching of mathematics: Theory, practice, and evaluation of effectiveness, Education Journal. 2001, 29: 17-31. (Publication No. : 67891)

Tsing N.K., Li C.K. and Tam B.S., Linear maps preserving permutation and stochastic matrices, Linear Algebra and Its Applications. Elsevier Science Inc., 2002, 341: 5-22. (Publication No. : 69715)

Tsing N.K. and Cheung G., On star-centers of some generalized numerical ranges and diagonals of normal matrices, Linear Algebra and Its Applications. Elsevier Science Inc., 2001, 337: 109-119. (Publication No. : 69716)

Yu J., Mikhalev A.A. and Umirbayev U., Automorphic orbits in free non-associative algebras, Journal of Algebra. 2001, 243(1): 198-223. (Publication No. : 66848)

Yu J., Gutierrez J. and Rubio R., D-resultant for rational functions, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. 2002, 130(8): 2237-2246. (Publication No. : 66844)

Yu J., Mikhalev A.A. and Umirbayev U., Generic, almost primitive and test elements of free Lie algebras, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. 2002, 130(5): 1303-1310. (Publication No. : 66847)

Yu J. and Mikhalev A.A., Stable equivalence problems for free algebras with the Nielsen-Schreier property, International Journal of Algebra and Computation. 2001, 11(6): 779-786. (Publication No. : 66846)

Zang W., Cai M. and Deng X., A Min-Max Theorem on Feedback Vertex Sets, Mathematics of Operations Research. USA, INFORMS, 2002, 27: 361-371. (Publication No. : 66885)

Zang W. and Hwang F.K., Group testing and fault detection for replicated files, Discrete Applied Mathematics. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, North-Holland, 2002, 116: 231-242. (Publication No. : 66884)

Zang W., Li Y. and Rousseau C.C., The Lower Bound on Independence Number, Science in China (Scientia Sinica). Series A.. Beijing, China and Newark, USA, Science China Press, 2002, 45: 64-69. (Publication No. : 66883)

Conference papers

Chu S.C.K., Data Modeling in Hospital Lift System Simulation, In: Li, D., Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Optimization: Techniques and Applications (ICOTA 2001), Hong Kong, 15-17 December 2001. World Scientific Publishing, 4: 1682-1693. (Publication No. : 66790)

Ng K.P., Huang J.Z., Ching W.K., Ng K.K. and Cheung D.W.L., A Cube Model for Web Access Sessions and Cluster Analysis, WEBKDD 2001, Workshop on Mining Web Log Data Across All Customer Touch Points, The Seventh ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. 2001, 47-58. (Publication No. : 76675)

Ng K.P. and Nikolova M., Fast Image Reconstruction Algorithms Combining Half-quadratic Regularization and Preconditioning, IEEE Conference on Image Processing. 2001, 277-280. (Publication No. : 76676)

Siu M.K., Why is it difficult to teach abstract algebra?, In: H. Chick, K. Stacey, J. Vincent, J. Vincent, Proceedings of the 12th ICMI Study Conference: The Future of the Teaching and Learning of Algebra. 2001, 541-547. (Publication No. : 67893)

Sun X., Degeneration of SL(n)-bundles on a reducible curve, Proceedings of Algebraic Geometry in East Asia (Japan, 2001). 2001. (Publication No. : 66859)

Sun X., Tan S.L. and Zuo K., Families of K3 surfaces over curves satisfying the equality of Arakelov-Yau's type and modularity, CUHK-2002-13 (253). 2002. (Publication No. : 66862)

All other outputs

Chan K.H., On the Deformation of Holomorphic Bundles of Projective Spaces (MPhil thesis). 2001. (Publication No. : 75449)

Chan S.T., Images of Linear Coordinates in Polynomial Algebras of Rank Two (MPhil thesis). 2001. (Publication No. : 75450)

Cheung K.K., Prime Solutions in Arithmetic Progressions of Some Linear Ternary Equations (MPhil thesis). 2001. (Publication No. : 75451)

Cheung M.Y.W., Circulant Preconditioners for Convection Diffusion Equations (MPhil thesis). 2001. (Publication No. : 75452)

Chu C.K., Polynomial Time Algorithms for Linear and Integer Programming (MPhil thesis). 2001. (Publication No. : 75453)

Chu S.C.K., Associate editor of the IMA Journal of Management Mathematics. 2001. (Publication No. : 76481)

Kwan C.K., Fast Iterative Methods for Image Restoration (MPhil thesis). 2001. (Publication No. : 75454)

Leung H.K., Multi-Rank Wavelet Filters (MPhil thesis). 2001. (Publication No. : 75455)

Leung Y.H.G., Results Related to the Embedding Conjecture (MPhil thesis). 2001. (Publication No. : 75456)

Mok N., Editor of Inventiones Mathematicae. Berlin-Heidelberg, Germany, 2002. (Publication No. : 76752)

Mok N., Editor of Mathematische Annalen. Belin-Heidelberg, Germany, Springer Verlag, 2001. (Publication No. : 76750)

Tse C., Some Generalizations on the Problem of Non-Goldbach Numbers (MPhil thesis). 2001. (Publication No. : 75457)

Wong C.F., Holomorphic Vector Bundles on Compact Riemann Surfaces (MPhil thesis). 2001. (Publication No. : 75458)

Yim L.H., Some Stability Results for Time-delay Control Problems (MPhil thesis). 2001. (Publication No. : 75459)

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