Research Output List 1993-94

Department of Mathematics

  Journal articles, book chapters and other published papers

     Chan J.T., Best uniform convex approximation on a compact convex set, J. Math. Anal. Appl.. 1994, 183: 429-434. (Publication No. : 35083)

     Cheng C., Wang S.S.S. and Yu J., Degree bounds for inverses of polynomial automorphisms, Proceedgins of the AMS. 1994, 120: 705-707. (Publication No. : 36842)

     Chu S.C.K. and Lin C.K.Y., Cohort analysis technique for long-term manpower planning: the case of a Hong Kong tertiary institution, Journal of the Operational Research Society. 1994, 45, No.6: 696-709. (Publication No. : 35794)

     Chu S.C.K., Inventory minimization and production scheduling: the case of a large Hong Kong Company, International Transactions in Operational Research. 1994, 1, No.3: 271-283. (Publication No. : 35569)

     Heath-Brown D.R. and Tsang K.M., Sign changes of E(T), D(x) and P(x), J. Number Theory. 1994, 49, No.1: 73-83. (Publication No. : 36032)

     Liu M.C., The fascination of positive integers, Supplement to Gzaette, The University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong, 1994, 41: 65-77. (Publication No. : 34794)

     Ng K.P. and Chan R., Fast iterative method for least squares estimations, Numerical Algorithms. 1994, 6: 353-378. (Publication No. : 34691)

     Ng K.P., Fast iterative method for solving Toeplitz-plus-Hankel least squares problems, Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis. 1994, 2: 154-170. (Publication No. : 34693)

     Siu M.K., Mathematics Education in China for the 21st Century, Three ways of mathematical thinking. Shuxue Jiaoxue, 1994, 132: 30. (Publication No. : 36837)

     Siu M.K. and Fung C.I., Mathematics for math majors: Loss of its self-esteem, Humanistic Mathematics Network Journal. 1994, 9: 28-31. (Publication No. : 37048)

     Siu M.K., Chan W.K. and Ma S.L., Non-existence of certain perfect arrays, Discrete Math.. 1994, 125: 107-113. (Publication No. : 37069)

     Siu M.K., Reflections of a coordinator in the 35th IMO', Sci. Tech. Reports. 1994, 153: 5,8. (Publication No. : 37029)

     Siu M.K., The road to Fermat's Theorem, Twenty-First Century Bimonthly. 1994, 21: 82-83. (Publication No. : 37051)

     Sturmfels B. and Yu J., Minimal polynomials and sparse resultants, Proccedings of the International Conference: Zero-Dimensional Schemes, Ravello, Italy June 8 - 13, 1992, Wlater de Gruyter. 1994, 315-324. (Publication No. : 36838)

     Yu J., Degrees bounds for minimal polynomials and polynomial automorphisms, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra. 1994, 92: 199-201. (Publication No. : 36845)

  Conference and working papers

     Ng K.P., Fast FFT-based conjugate gradient algorithm for the applications in signal processing, Proceedings of the Cornelius Lanczos International Centenary Conference. 1994, 404-406. (Publication No. : 34982)

     Ng K.P. and Plemmons R., Fast recursive least squares using the FFT, The Proceedings of the Third IMA Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing, England. 1994, 97-129. (Publication No. : 34977)

     Siu M.K., Siu F.K. and Wong N.Y., Teaching (and learning) knows no bound: The growth of a "Scholar-teacher", Proceedings of the Conference on Curriculum Changes in Hong Kong: The Need of the New Era. CUHK, 1994, 53-56. (Publication No. : 37034)

     Siu M.K., The combinatorics of binary arrays, Proceedings of International Workshop on Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms. Hong Kong, 1993, 13-27. (Publication No. : 37055)

     Wong P.P.W., Solutions to the equation PxQy-PyQx = nonzero constant k, where P, Q are polynomials of two complex variables x, y, and P is degree 4 and Q is degree <= 4, 1994. (Publication No. : 37244)

  Reviews, translations and other written outputs

     Cheung W.S., A new proof of Frobenius theorem and applications, Mathematical Reviews. USA, American Math. Soc., 1993, 93j: 58005. (Publication No. : 34666)

     Cheung W.S., Identities of Laplace type and decomposable m-vectors, Mathematical Reviews. USA, American Math. Soc., 1994, 94D: 94D/53026. (Publication No. : 6573)

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