Research Output List 1996-97

Department of Mathematics

  Journal articles, book chapters and other published papers

     Chan R. and Ng K.P., Preconditioning Toeplitz systems with circulant preconditioners, Iterative Methods in Scientific. Springer-Verlag, 1997, 243-270. (Publication No. : 34996)

     Cheung W.S. and Tsing N.K., The C-numerical range of matrices is star-shaped, Linear and Mutilinear Algebra. 1996, 41: 245-250. (Publication No. : 29436)

     Chu S.C.K., Congestion Modeling and Multi-Criteria Smoothing Heuristics, Stewart, T. and van den Honert, R. (Ed.) Trends in Multicriteria Decision Making: Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making. Cape Town, South Africa, Springer-Verlag, 1997, 395-406. (Publication No. : 34494)

     Lam J., Tso H.K. and Tsing N.K., Robust deadbeat regulation, International Journal of Control. 1997, 67: 587-602. (Publication No. : 25711)

     Mikhalev A.A., Yu J. and Zolotykh A.A., Images of coordinate polynomials, Algebra Colloquium. 1997, 4: 159-162. (Publication No. : 36704)

     Mikhalev A.A. and Yu J., Test elements and retracts of free Lie algebras, Communications in Algebra. 1997, 25: 3283-3289. (Publication No. : 36702)

     Siu M.K., Ancient Chinese Mathematics, História e Educação Matemática: actas. Braga, Portugal, Associação de Professores de Matemática, 1996, 54-65. (Publication No. : 34398)

     Siu M.K., Can you count? I can't!, Mathmedia. Taipei, China, Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, 1996, 79: 41-49. (Publication No. : 34384)

     Siu M.K., Success and failure of Xu Guang-qi: Response to the first dissemination of European science in Ming China, Studies in History of Medicine and Science. New Delhi, India, Jamia Hamdard, 1996, 14: 137-179. (Publication No. : 34395)

     Tu Z.H., Normality criterions for families of holomorphic mappings in PN(C), In: Noguchi J (ed.), Geometric Complex Analysis. World Scientific Publishing Co., 1996, 623-627. (Publication No. : 29438)

     Tu Z.H., On the Julia directions of the value distribution of holomorphic curves in Pn(C), Kodai Math. J.. 1996, 19: 1-6. (Publication No. : 29439)

     Van Den Essen A. and Yu J., D-Resultants, singularities and unfaithfulness, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. 1997, 125: 689-695. (Publication No. : 36732)

     Yu J., Identity polynomials and test polynomials, Algebra Colloquium. 1997, 4: 29-36. (Publication No. : 36714)

     Yu J., Remarks on the Jacobian conjecture, Journal of Algebra. 1997, 188: 90-96. (Publication No. : 36718)

  Conference and working papers

     Chu S.C.K. and Chan E.C.H., Computerized Crew Scheduling for Hong Kong's Light Rail Trainsit: a decomposed optimization modeling approach, In: Du, D.-Z., Zhang, X.-S. and Cheng, K. (ed.), Operations Research and Its Applications. Proceedings of the Second International Symposium, ISORA '96. Guilin, China, Beijing World Publishing Corporation, 1996, 231-240. (Publication No. : 34491)

     Lam J., Tso H.K. and Tsing N.K., On the design of robust deadbeat regulators, Proceedings of the 35th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control. 1996, 3080-3085. (Publication No. : 25692)

     Ng K.P., Fast direct methods for Toeplitz least squares problems, Proceedings of IEEE Region Ten Conference. 1996, 743-748. (Publication No. : 34997)

     Ng K.P., Preconditioned lanczos algorithm for the minimum eigenvalue of a symmetric positive definite Toeplitz matrix, Proceedings of 20th Australian Computer Science Conference. 1997, 9-16. (Publication No. : 35001)

     Ng K.P., Total variation based image restoration of three dimensional microscopic objects, Proceedings of IEEE Region Ten Conference. 1996, 288-293. (Publication No. : 35000)

     Volkov A.K., Zhao Youqin and his mathematical activity, Eight International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia - Seoul, Korea, August 1996. (Publication No. : 35121)

  Reviews, translations and other written outputs

     Cheung W.S., Infinite-dimensional Lie algebra cohomology and the cohomology of invariant Euler-Lagrange complexes: a preliminary report, Mathematical Reviews. USA, American Math. Soc., 1997, 97c: 53004. (Publication No. : 34590)

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