Research Output List 1998-99

Department of Mathematics

  Journal articles, book chapters and other published papers

     Borwein J. and Choi S.K.K., On the Representations of xy + xz + yz, Experimental Mathematics. 1999, 8. (Publication No. : 46893)

     Borwein P. and Choi S.K.K., Merit Factors of Character Polynomials, Journal of the London Mathematical Society. 1999, 18. (Publication No. : 46894)

     Bump D., Choi S.K.K., Kurlberg P. and Vaaler J., A Local Riemann Hypothesis I, Mathematische Zeitschrift. 1999, 19. (Publication No. : 46891)

     Chan K.Y., Jing Z. and Zeng X., Multiple limit cycles and global stability in predator-prey model, Acta Mathematicae Applicate Sinica. China, 1999, 15(2): 206-219. (Publication No. : 47140)

     Cheung W.S. and Pecaric J., Multi-dimensional Integral Inequalities of the Wirtinger-type, Mathematical Inequalities and Applications. 1998, 1(4): 481-489. (Publication No. : 46942)

     Cheung W.S., Some Multi-dimensional Integral Inequalities, Nonlinear Mathematical Analysis and its Applications. Palm Harbor, USA, Hadronic Press, 1998, 19-38. (Publication No. : 46945)

     Cheung W.S., Some New Multi-dimensional Opial-type Inequalities, New Approaches in Nonlinear Analysis. Palm Harbor, USA, Hadronic Press, 1999, 73-84. (Publication No. : 46946)

     Choi S.K.K. and Borwein K.K., On the Cyclotomic Polynomials with Coefficients +1 or -1, Experimental Mathematics. 1998, 13. (Publication No. : 46882)

     Choi S.K.K., On the Distribution of Points in Projective Space of Bounded Height, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. 1999, 40. (Publication No. : 46890)

     Chu S.C.K., Ho M.P.P. and Lee K.K.Y., Analyses of Operational Performance of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Services in Hong Kong, Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research. 1999, 9: 59-73. (Publication No. : 46871)

     Chu S.C.K., Congestion Modeling and Multi-Criteria Smoothing Heuristics, Stewart, T. and van der Honert, R. (Ed.), Trends in Multicriteria Decision Making. Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems. Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany, Springer-Verlag, 1998, 465: 400-411. (Publication No. : 46868)

     Chu S.C.K. and Chan E.C.H., Crew Scheduling of Light Rail Transit in Hong Kong: from modeling to implementation, Computers and Operations Research. 1998, 25: 887-894. (Publication No. : 46869)

     Drensky V.S. and Yu J., Exponential automorphisms of polynomial algebras, Communications in Algebra. 1998, 26: 2977-2986. (Publication No. : 46960)

     Drensky V.S., Gutierrz J. and Yu J., Gröbner bases and the Nagata automorphism, J. Pure. Appl. Algebra. 1999, 135: 135-153. (Publication No. : 46970)

     Drensky V.S. and Yu J., Test polynomials for automorphisms of polynomial and free associate algebras, Journal of Algebra. 1998, 207: 491-510. (Publication No. : 46959)

     Fung C.I., Siu M.K., Wong K.M. and Wong N.Y., A dialogue on the teaching of complex numbers and beyond, Mathematics Teaching. 1998, 164: 26-31. (Publication No. : 46798)

     Liu J., Liu M.C. and Wang T., The number of powers of 2 in a representation of large even integers, II, Science in China, Series A. Beijing, China, 1998, 28 (Chinese version): 802-817. (Publication No. : 46898)

     Liu J., Liu M.C. and Wang T., The number of powers of 2 in a representation of large even integers, II, Science in China, Series A. Beijing, China, 1998, 41 (English version): 1255-1271. (Publication No. : 46899)

     Liu M.C. and Wang T., A numerical bound for small prime solutions of some ternary linear equations, Acta Arithmetica. Warszawa, Poland, 1998, 86: 343-383. (Publication No. : 46900)

     Liu M.C. and Wang T., On the equation a1p1+a2p2+a3p3=b with prime variables in arithmetic progression, Number Theory, Fifth Conference of the Canadian Number Theory Association, Centre de Recherches Mathematiques Proceedings and Lecture Notes. Montreal, Canada, American Mathematical Society, 1999, 19: 243-264(Publication No. : 46901)

     Mikhalev A.A., Shpilrain V. and Yu J., On endomorphisms of free algebras, Algebra Colloquium. Singapore, Springer-Verlag, 1999, 6: 241-248. (Publication No. : 46814)

     Mikhalev A.A. and Zolotykh A.A., Standard Gröbner-Shirshov bases for free algebras over rings, I. Free associative algebras, International Journal of Algebra and Computation. Singapore, World Scientific, 1998, 8: 689-726. (Publication No. : 46808)

     Mikhalev A.A. and Umirbaev U.U., Subalgebras of free Leibnitz algebras, Communications in Algebra. New York, USA, Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1998, 26: 435-446. (Publication No. : 46806)

     Mikhalev A.A. and Yu J., Test elements, retracts and automorphic orbits of free algebras, International Journal of Algebra and Computation. Singapore, World Scientific, 1998, 8: 295-310. (Publication No. : 46810)

     Mok N., G-structures on irreducible Hermitian symmetric spaces of rank ³ 2 and deformation rigidity, Contemporary Mathematics. 1999, 222: 81-107. (Publication No. : 47143)

     Mok N. and Hwang J., Holomorphic maps from rational homogeneous spaces of Picard number 1 onto projective manifolds, Inventiones Mathematicae. Heidelberg-Berlin, Germany, Springer-Verlag, 1999, 136: 209-231. (Publication No. : 47142)

     Ng K.P. and Huang Z., Data-Mining Time series Astronomical Data: Challenges, Problems and Solutions, Information and Software Technology: Special Issue on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. 1999, 41, no.9: 545-556. (Publication No. : 46935)

     Ng K.P., Fast Iterative Methods for Symmetric Sinc-Galerkin Systems, IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis. 1999, 19: 357-373. (Publication No. : 46936)

     Ng K.P., Heuristics Approach to Printed Circuit Board Insertion Problem, Journal of Operational Research Society. 1998, 49: 1051-1059. (Publication No. : 46934)

     Shpilrain V. and Yu J., Embedding of curves in the plane, Journal of Algebra. 1999, 217: 668-678. (Publication No. : 46975)

     Shpilrain V. and Yu J., On generators of a polynomial algebra in two commuting or noncommuting variables, J. Pure. Appl. Algebra. 1998, 132: 309-315. (Publication No. : 46964)

     Siu M.K., Chan Y.C. and Chan W.K., Minimal rank of abelian group matrices, Linear and Multilinear Algebra. Gordon and Breach, 1998, 44: 277-285. (Publication No. : 46797)

     Siu M.K., Six proofs of the irrationality of square root of 2, Studies in College Mathematics. 1998, 77: 45-46. (Publication No. : 46799)

     Yu J., Complementary conjecture revisited, J. Pure. Appl. Algebra. 1998, 131: 312-319. (Publication No. : 46962)

     Yu J. and Drensky V.S., Orbits in free algebras of rank two, Communications in Algebra. 1998, 26: 1895-1906. (Publication No. : 46954)

     Yu J., Recognizing automorphisms of polynomial algebras, Matematica Contemporanea. 1998, 14: 215-225. (Publication No. : 46967)

     Yung S.P., Feng D.X. and Luo Y.H., Stability of Linear Systems in Banach Space, Chinese Science Bulletin. 1998, 43, no.16: 1399-1401. (Publication No. : 53305)

     Zang W., Discrete Mathematics, Acyclic Digraphs with the Gallai-Milgram-Linial Property for Clique Covers. Amsterdam, North-Holland, Elsevier Science B.V., 1999, 199: 183-192. (Publication No. : 46997)

     Zolotykh A.A. and Mikhalev A.A., Algorithms for construction of standard Gröbner-Shirshov bases of ideals of free algebras over commutative rings, Programming and Computer Software. Moscow, Russia, Maik Nauka, 1998, 24: 271-272. (Publication No. : 46816)

  Conference and working papers

     Chan R., Chan T., Ng K.P., Tang W. and Wong C., Preconditioned Iterative Methods for High-resolution Image Reconstruction with Multisensors, Proceedings of International Society for Optical Engineering, Symposium on Advanced Signal Processing: Algorithms, Architectures and Implementations, Ed: Franklin Luk. San Diego CA, 1998, 3461: 348-357. (Publication No. : 46939)

     Cheung W.S. and Osipenko G., Calculation of Laypunov Exponents, Proceedings of the second international conference on differential equations and applications (St. Petersburg, 1998). 1998, 65-71. (Publication No. : 46944)

     Cheung W.S., On Multi-dimensional Opial-type Inequalities, Proceedings of the second international conference on differential equations and applications (St. Petersburg, 1998). 1998, 8-13. (Publication No. : 46943)

     Choi S.K.K. and Vaaler J., Diophantine Approximation in Projective Space, Proceedings of the Fifth Conference of the Canadian Number Theory Association. Providence RI, USA, American Mathematical Soc., 1999, 19: 55-65. (Publication No. : 46892)

     Chu S.C.K., Ho M.P.P., Lee K.K.Y. and Lo H.P., Goal Programming Models for MCH Nurses Allocation in Hong Kong, Du, D-Z., Zhang, X.-S. and Cheng, K. (Ed.), Operations Research and Its Applications. Proceedings of the Third International Symposium, ISORA'98, Kunming, China. Beijing, China, Beijing World Publishing Corporation, 1998, 296-308. (Publication No. : 46866)

     Mikhalev A.A., Shpilrain V. and Yu J., On the dynamics of homomorphisms of free algebras, 10th Conference Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics. Toronto, Canada, Fields Institute, 1998, 477-486. (Publication No. : 46820)

     Mikhalev A.A. and Sereguine A.V., Standard bases of left ideals of P-type algebras, Algebras and Combinatorics, An International Congress, ICAC'97, Hong Kong. Singapore, Springer-Verlag, 1999, 345-351. (Publication No. : 46819)

     Ng K.P. and Huang Z., A Parallel k-prototypes Algorithm for Clustering Large Data Sets in Data Mining, Proceedings to the International Symposium on Intelligent Data Engineering and Learning: Perspectives on Financial Engineering and Data Mining, Hong Kong. Springer Verlag, 1998, 363-370. (Publication No. : 46940)

     Ng K.P., Latent Semantic Indexing in Information Retrieval Using Matrix Decomposition, Proceedings to the Third Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, (PAKDD-99). Beijing, China, 1999, 84-89. (Publication No. : 46941)

     Ng K.P., Parallel K-means-type Algorithms on a IBM SP2 Computer, Proceeding to The 1998 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications, Las Vegas. 1998, 1183-1190. (Publication No. : 46938)

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