University of Hong Kong
Postgraduate Student
Number Theory Seminar

HKU Mathematics Department    

Graduate Students at HKU

Seminar Organizers:
    Dr. Ben Kane
    Dr. Yuk-Kam Lau
    Prof. Kai-Man Tsang




















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Date/Time Location Speaker Advisor Title
Friday 27 Oct., 2017/
Room 210 Tejaskumar Ramesh Undergrad RA of Dr. Ben Kane. All mathematically stable configurations in an otherwise uniform energy field
Tuesday 31 Oct., 2017/
Room 210 Maxim Korolev Professor, Steklov Institute On some properties of Farey fractions
8 Nov., 2017/3:00-4:00pm Room 320A TBA TBA TBA
Friday 10 Nov., 2017/
Room 210 Kar Lun Kong Dr. Ben Kane Modular local poylnomial and vanishing of L-values
Monday 13 Nov., 2017/
Room 210 Winfried Kohnen Professor at University of Heidelberg, Germany. Shifted products of Fourier coefficients of cusp form
Tuesday 14 Nov., 2017/1:00-2:00pm Room 210 Ching Tak Wing Prof. Kai-Man Tsang Primes in Arithmetic Progression: On the Work of Ben Green and Terence Tao
Friday 24 Nov., 2017/
Room 210 Qing Lu Professor at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China On the distribution of Jacobi sums
Friday 8 Dec., 2017/
Room 210 Soumyarup Banerjee Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, India Asymptotic behaviour of a Lambert series in Maass case


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