Welcome to CAM 2016

The 2016 Conference on Applied Mathematics (CAM 2016) is scheduled to be held at The University of Hong Kong, August 23-26, 2016. The conference aims at providing a platform for researchers, scientists, engineers, academics and professionals to present their recent research work and to explore future trends in various areas of applied mathematics. In particular, the 2016 conference will mainly focus on, but not limited to, coding and information theory, discrete mathematics, probability theory and statistics, computational mathematics, and the interactions among those fields.

Attendees will find various activities useful in bringing together a diverse group of academics and experts from across disciplines of applied mathematics for the generation of new ideas and potential collaboration opportunities.

This conference is sponsored by Institute of Mathematical Research, and Department of Mathematics, The University of Hong Kong, and Institute of Network Coding.

This workshop is co-organized by Dr. Guangyue Han, Dr. Zheng Qu, Prof. Wenan Zang, Dr. Zhiwen Zhang. We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong.