June 19, 2001                                                                                Morning Session
9:25am Opening Remarks
Man-Keung Siu, Head
Department of Mathematics, The University of Hong Kong
9:30 10:20am Jiping Zhang, Peking University
Block theory of finite groups
10:30 11:20am Man-Keung Siu, The University of Hong Kong
"Algorithmic mathematics" and "dialectic mathematics": A feature of Eastern and Western mathematical development in the past
Tea Break
11:40 12:30am A.A. Mikhalev, Moscow State University
Automorphic orbits in free non-associative algebras
Lunch Break

Afternoon Session
2:30 3:20pm Lisa Carbone, Rutgers University
Reconstructing group actions
Tea Break
3:40 4:30pm Michel Racine, University of Ottawa
Octonion algebras obtained from associative algebras with involution