Discrete Wavelet Filters of Fourier, Cosine and Sine Moments

Dr. S.P. Yung

The University of Hong Kong



Since the discovery of compactly-supported wavelets by I. Daubechies in 1988, wavelets have been studies and applied vigorously. From a simplified stand-point, wavelets are basis functions whose decomposition coefficients can be computed in a relatively few numerical operations and they are localized both in time and frequency (i.e. a local disturbance affects only finitely-many coefficients in a wavelet decomposition). In this talk, we shall exhibit a new species of discrete wavelet filters that possess Fourier, Cosine or Sine moments. We have found that their decomposition coefficients decay very rapidly and they have similar merits as those of the Daubechies. Their performances in signal and image compressions will also be discussed.


October 13, 2000 (Friday) 


4:00 - 5:00pm


Room 517, Meng Wah Complex


All are welcome