List of Lectures




Valery Alexeev

On compactifications of moduli spaces of K3 surfaces

Yik-Man Chiang

Nevanlinna theory based on Askey-Wilson divided difference operator

Lawrence Ein

Pseudoeffective and nef classes of higher codimension cylces

Jaehyun Hong

Classification of smooth Schubert varieties in a rational homogeneous manifold of Picard number one

Ngaiming Mok

Boundary behavior of holomorphic maps into bounded symmetric domains and applications to geometric problems

Sui-Chung Ng

Proper holomorphic maps on bounded symmetric domains of rank at least 2 and characteristic symmetric subspaces

Tuen-Wai Ng

Two-variable Wiman-Valiron theory and its applications to PDEs

Yum-Tong Siu

Appications of curvature properties of direct images of relative pluricanonical bundles

Xiaotao Sun

Frobenius morphism and vector bundles

Wing-Keung To

Finsler metrics, Kobayashi hyperbolicity and moduli spaces of canonically polarized manifolds

Jonathan Tsai

The scaling limit of 2-d myopic random walk

Julie Tzu-Yueh Wang

p-adic hyperbolicity and Z-integral points on varieties

Lin Weng

Relative Bott-Chern secondary characteristic classes

Sai-Kee Yeung

Infinitesimal deformation, local deformation, and rigidity of tangent bundle of complex two ball quotients

Wanke Yin

Equivalence problems for Bishop surfaces


Last updated: July 17, 2010