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Black and White
Mark Six
Recursion, Games and Strategy

Topics in the Games section

Black and White involves generating different patterns on a square board by pressing some squares on it. When one presses a square, the colours of some squares will be changed according to some rules. The goal of the game is to produce certain assigned patterns.

HEX is a two-player game playing on a rhombic board with hexagonal cells. It was invented by a Danish mathematician Piet Hein in 1942, and became popular under the name of Hex.

Magic that a computer can read your mind. Believe it or not.

Mark Six tries to explain the following phenomenon: Very often one can find at least 2 drawn numbers having the same lastdigit in a Mark Six draw. Is it reasonable to have this high chance ?

In Recursion, Games and Strategy, you will know more about games and its theory behind.

SIM is a two-person game where each player in turn puts a string using his own colour between two of six points. The player loses when he completes a triangle in his colour.

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