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Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence


In this day and age, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. It is in fact getting increasingly difficult to identify an aspect of our modern lives that does not involve the use of AI. Intelligence machines are everywhere, and enhanced efficiency and augmentation of human capabilities are among the upsides.

It is predicted that in future, AI will continue to be one of the most in-demand jobs. In light of a 2019 survey conducted by Gartner, a global research and advisory company, AI applications in enterprises has increased 270% in four years, which leads to a surging demand for AI talents. In this connection, university graduates and young professionals are bound to benefit from dabbling in this booming field. However, commencing an AI career could be tough. One needs to undergo strict trainings before they can put essential skills to work. Other than the potential difficulty encountered when planning to enter the profession, over 50% of AI veterans surveyed acknowledge a skills gap in the recruitment of new bloods as mentioned in an Ernest & Young report.

Simply put, AI is important in many applications, yet there is now an acute shortage of such talents. As Asia’s global university, we aspire to nurture a generation of professional AI talents to address market needs. Our proposed MSc(AI) programme provides students with foundational principles and knowledge in AI, and develops their practical skills and capabilities in applying AI to solve real world problems with ethical awareness. The programme is designed to prepare graduates for a wide range of career opportunities in AI-related fields.


Programme Features

Interdisciplinary and well-balanced curriculum

Learning within and beyond AI

Industry connections and career prospects

Teachers' Expertise
Teachers' Expertise

Programme Information

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence [MSc(AI)] is an interdisciplinary taught postgraduate programme jointly offered by the Department of Mathematics (host), the Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science and the Department of Computer Science. Its academic focus is promoting the applications of mathematics, statistics and computer science to facilitate AI in decision-making and problem-solving for various organizations and enterprises within the private and public sectors.

General Information
Programme TitleMaster of Science in Artificial Intelligence [MSc(AI)]
Mode of StudyFull-time
Study Period Normative: 1.5 years
Tuition FeeHK$260,000* for the 2022-23 intake. The fee shall normally be payable in three instalments over 1.5 years for full-time study.

In addition, students are required to pay Caution Money (HK$350), refundable on graduation subject to no claims being made, and Graduation Fee (HK$350).

* Subject to approval
Offering DepartmentsDepartment of Mathematics (host)
Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science
Department of Computer Science
Target Intake Numbers Full-time: 75 students

Programme Structure

The course list is tentative and subject to change. For detailed course descriptions, go to Regulations and Syllabuses (subject to approval).

Total Credit Requirements
72 credits
Compulsory Courses (42 credits)
ARIN7001 Foundations of artificial intelligence
ARIN7011 Optimization in artificial intelligence
ARIN7013 Numerical methods in artificial intelligence
ARIN7101 Statistics in artificial intelligence
ARIN7102 Applied data mining and text analytics
COMP7404 Computational intelligence and machine learning
DASC7606 Deep learning
Disciplinary Electives (18 credits)*

with at least 6 credits from each of the following lists

List A:
ARIN7014 Topics in advanced numerical analysis
ARIN7015 Topics in artificial intelligence and machine learning
MATH7224 Topics in advanced probability theory
MATH8502 Topics in applied discrete mathematics
MATH8503 Topics in advanced optimization

List B:
STAT6011 Computational statistics
STAT7008 Programming for data science
STAT8020 Quantitative strategies and algorithmic trading
STAT8021 Big data analytics

List C:
COMP7308 Introduction to unmanned systems
COMP7309 Quantum computing and artificial intelligence
COMP7409 Machine learning in trading and finance
COMP7502 Image processing and computer vision
ARIN7017 Legal issues in artificial intelligence and data science

*Students who have completed the same courses in their previous studies in HKU (e.g., Master of Science in Computer Science) may, on production of relevant transcripts, be permitted to select up to 18 credits of disciplinary electives from the other two lists if they are not able to find any untaken options from any one of the lists of disciplinary electives.

Capstone Requirement (12 credits)
ARIN7600 Artificial intelligence project (12 credits)


Admission Requirements
To be eligible for admission to this programme, applicants shall:
  1. hold a Bachelor's degree with Honours of this University, or another qualification of equivalent standard from this University or another University or comparable institution acceptable for this purpose;
  2. possess knowledge of linear algebra, calculus, probability theory, introductory statistics and computer programming; and
  3. fulfil the University Entrance Requirements
Application Deadlines for the 2022-23 Intake
Main Round: 12:00nn (HKT), 31 January 2022
Clearing Round: extended to 12:00nn (HKT), 29 April 2022
Online Information Sessions
PowerPoint of January Sessions
PowerPoint file for Online Session
  • January Sessions:
    • 10:00am (HKT), 15 January 2022 (Saturday), conducted in English on Zoom

    • 10:00am (HKT), 22 January 2022 (Saturday), conducted in English/Mandarin on Tencent Meeting

  • April Session:
    • 10:00am (HKT), 16 April 2022 (Saturday), conducted in English on Zoom

Apply for Admission
Applications should be submitted online at

Supporting documents could only be uploaded online after the submission of application form and payment of application fee. Once submitted, the application form cannot be revised.

As applications would be viewed from time to time, applicants are recommended to upload their supporting documents at their earliest convenience.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

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Programme Director of Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence [MSc(AI)]

Professor Xiaoming Yuan

Tel: (852) 2859 2258
Email: mscai [at]
Address: Department of Mathematics, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

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