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IMR Preprint Series 2018

IMR2018: # Author(s) Title
#01Liu, T. & Han, G.Feedback Capacity of Stationary Gaussian Channels Further Examined
#02Zhang, Z. (with Wang, Z., Luo, X. and Yau, S.S.-T.)Proper orthogonal decomposition method to nonlinear filtering problems in medium-high dimension
#03Zhang, Z. (with Rosakis, P., Hou, T.Y. and Ravichandran, G.)A Minimal Mechanosensing Model Predicts Keratocyte Evolution on Flexible Substrates
#04Zhang, Z. (with Chunga, E.T. and Puna, S.-M.)An adaptive dynamically low-dimensional approximation method for multiscale stochastic diffusion equations
#05Han, G. (with Courtade, T.A. and Wu, Y.)Counterexample to the Vector Generalization of Costa's EPI, and Partial Resolution

IMR Preprint Series 2017

IMR2017: # Author(s) Title
#01Mok, N.Full cones swept out by minimal rational curves on irreducible Hermitian symmetric spaces as examples of varieties underlying geometric substructures
#02Mok, N.Zariski Closures of Images of Algebraic Subsets under the Uniformization Map on Finite-Volume Quotients of the Complex Unit Ball
#03Han, G. (with Liu, X.)On Continuous-Time Gaussian Channels
#04Zang, W. (with Chen, X., Ding, G. & Zhao, Q.)Ranking Tournaments with No Errors
#05Huang, D. & Song, J.Some results on optimal stopping problems for one-dimensional regular diffusions
#06Lau, Y.-K., Ng, M.H. (with Wang, Y.)Statistics of Hecke Eigenvalues for GL(n)
#07Lau, Y.-K (with Wang, Y.)Absolute Values of L-Functions for GL(N, $\Bbb R$) at the Point 1
#08Ng, T.W. (with Wu, C.F.)Nonlinear Loewy Factorizable Algebraic Odes and Hayman’s Conjecture
#09Conte, R.Generalized Bonnet surfaces and Lax pairs of PVI
#10Song, J. (with Song, X. & Zhang, Q.)Nonlinear Feynman-Kac formulae for SPDEs with space-time noise
#11Song, J. (with Xu, F. and Yu, Q.)Limit theorems for functionals of two independent Gaussian processes
#12Zhang, Z. (with Li, S.)Computing eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of Schrödinger equations using a model reduction approach
#13Zhang, Z. (with Chen, J., Lin, L. & Zhou, X.)Two-Parameter Asymptotic Expansions for Elliptic Equations with Small Geometric Perturbation and High Contrast Ratio
#14Zhang, Z. (with Chen, J., Lin, L. & Zhou, X.)Estimation of exciton diffusion lengths of organic semiconductors in random domains
#15Zhang, Z. (with Wang, Z. & Xin, J.)Computing effective diffusivity of chaotic and stochastic flows using structure preserving schemes
#16Zhang, Z. (with Chung, E.T., Efendiev, Y. & Leung, W.T.)Cluster-based Generalized Multiscale Finite Element Method for elliptic PDEs with random coefficients
#17Mok, N. (with Chan, S.T.)Asymptotic total geodesy of local holomorphic curves on a bounded symmetric domain in its Harish-Chandra realization exiting the boundary

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