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IMR Preprint Series 2017

IMR2017: # Author(s) Title
#01Mok, N.Full cones swept out by minimal rational curves on irreducible Hermitian symmetric spaces as examples of varieties underlying geometric substructures
#02Mok, N.Zariski Closures of Images of Algebraic Subsets under the Uniformization Map on Finite-Volume Quotients of the Complex Unit Ball
#03Han, G. (with Liu, X.)On Continuous-Time Gaussian Channels
#04Zang, W. (with Chen, X., Ding, G. & Zhao, Q.)Ranking Tournaments with No Errors
#05Huang, D. & Song, J.Some results on optimal stopping problems for one-dimensional regular diffusions
#06Lau, Y.-K., Ng, M.H. (with Wang, Y.)Statistics of Hecke Eigenvalues for GL(n)
#07Lau, Y.-K (with Wang, Y.)Absolute Values of L-Functions for GL(N, $\Bbb R$) at the Point 1
#08Ng, T.W. (with Wu, C.F.)Nonlinear Loewy Factorizable Algebraic Odes and Hayman’s Conjecture
#09Conte, R.Generalized Bonnet surfaces and Lax pairs of PVI
#10Song, J. (with Song, X. & Zhang, Q.)Nonlinear Feynman-Kac formulae for SPDEs with space-time noise
#11Song, J. (with Xu, F. and Yu, Q.)Limit theorems for functionals of two independent Gaussian processes

IMR Preprint Series 2016

IMR2016: # Author(s) Title
#01Chan, S.T.Classification Problem of Holomorphic Isometries of the Unit Disk into Polydisks
#02Chan, S.T. & Mok, N.Holomorphic isometries of $\Bbb B^m$ into bounded symmetric domains arise from linear sections of minimal embeddings of their compact duals
#03Young, M.B.Representations of cohomological Hall algebras and Donaldson-Thomas theory with classical structure groups
#04Lau, Y.-K. (with Liu, J. & Wu, J.)Local Behavior of Arithmetical Functions with Applications to Automorphic L-Functions
#05Lau, Y.-K. (with Jiang, Y.-J., Lü, G.-S., Royer, E. & Wu, J.)On Fourier Coefficients of Modular Forms of Half Integral Weight at Squarefree Integers
#06Song, J. (with Balan, R.M.)Hyperbolic Anderson Model with space-time homogeneous Gaussian noise
#07Song, J. (with Chan, X., Hu, Y. & Song, X.)Temporal asymptotics for fractional parabolic Anderson model
#08Han, G. & Li, Y.Asymptotics of Input-Constrained Erasure Channel Capacity
#09Han, G. (with Kavčić, A. & Li, Y.)Capacity of Multilevel NAND Flash Memory Channels
#10Young, M.B. (with Franzen, H.)Cohomological Orientifold Donaldson-Thomas Invariants as Chow Groups
#11Zang, W. (with Ding, G. & Zhao, Q.)On Box-Perfect Graphs
#12Ng, T.W. (with Lau, P.S. & Tsing, N.K.)The star-shapedness of a generalized numerical range
#13Ng, T.W. (with Lau, P.S. & Tsing, N.K.)Convexity and Star-shapedness of Real Linear Images of Special Orthogonal Orbits
#14Ng, T.W. (with Zhang, Y.)Smale's mean value conjecture for finite Blaschke products
#15Mok, N. (with Ng, S.-C.)On compact splitting complex submanifolds of quotients of bounded symmetric domains
#16Ng, T.W. (with Yeung, S.K.)Entire holomorphic curves on a Fermat surface of low degree
#17Lau, Y.-K. (with Wang, Y. & Zhang, D.)Remark on The Paper “On Products of Fourier Coefficients of Cusp Forms”

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