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IMR Preprint Series 2017

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Conte, R.

Generalized Bonnet surfaces and Lax pairs of PVI


Han, G. (with Liu, X.)

On Continuous-Time Gaussian Channels


Huang, D. & Song, J.

Some results on optimal stopping problems for one-dimensional regular diffusions


Lau, Y.-K (with Wang, Y.)

Absolute Values of L-Functions for GL(N, R) at the Point 1


Lau, Y.-K., Ng, M.H. (with Wang, Y.)

Statistics of Hecke Eigenvalues for GL(n)


Mok, N.

Full cones swept out by minimal rational curves on irreducible Hermitian symmetric spaces as examples of varieties underlying geometric substructures


Mok, N.

Zariski Closures of Images of Algebraic Subsets under the Uniformization Map on Finite-Volume Quotients of the Complex Unit Ball


Ng, T.W. (with Wu, C.F.)

Nonlinear Loewy Factorizable Algebraic Odes and Hayman’s Conjecture


Zang, W. (with Chen, X., Ding, G. & Zhao, Q.)

Ranking Tournaments with No Errors


IMR Preprint Series 2016

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Chan, S.T.

Classification Problem of Holomorphic Isometries of the Unit Disk into Polydisks


Chan, S.T. & Mok, N.

Holomorphic isometries of Bm into bounded symmetric domains arise from linear sections of minimal embeddings of their compact duals


Han, G. & Li, Y.

Asymptotics of Input-Constrained Erasure Channel Capacity


Han, G. (with  Kavčić, A. & Li, Y.)

Capacity of Multilevel NAND Flash Memory Channels


Lau, Y.-K. (with Jiang, Y.-J., Lü, G.-S., Royer, E. & Wu, J.)

On Fourier Coefficients of Modular Forms of Half Integral Weight at Squarefree Integers


Lau, Y.-K. (with Liu, J. & Wu, J.)

Local Behavior of Arithmetical Functions with Applications to Automorphic L-Functions


Lau, Y.-K. (with Wang, Y. & Zhang, D.)

Remark on The Paper “On Products Of Fourier Coefficients Of Cusp Forms”


Mok, N. (with Ng, S.-C.)

On compact splitting complex submanifolds of quotients of bounded symmetric domains


Ng, T.W. (with Lau, P.S. & Tsing, N.K.)

The star-shapedness of a generalized numerical range


Ng, T.W. (with Lau, P.S. & Tsing, N.K.)

Convexity and Star-shapedness of Real Linear Images of Special Orthogonal Orbits


Ng, T.W. (with Yeung, S.K.)

Entire holomorphic curves on a Fermat surface of low degree


Ng, T.W. (with Zhang, Y.)

Smale’s mean value conjecture for finite Blaschke products


Song, J. (with Balan, R.M.)

Hyperbolic Anderson Model with space-time homogeneous Gaussian noise


Song, J. (with Chan, X., Hu, Y. & Song, X.)

Temporal asymptotics for fractional parabolic Anderson model


Young, M.B.

Representations of cohomological Hall algebras and Donaldson-Thomas theory with classical structure groups


Young, M.B. (with Franzen, H.)

Cohomological Orientifold Donaldson-Thomas Invariants as Chow Groups


Zang, W. (with Ding, G. & Zhao, Q.)

On Box-Perfect Graphs



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