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Prizes & Scholarships

List of Recipients: Doris Chen Memorial Funds

Doris Chen Undergraduate Project Prizes

Prizes Recipients in 2017-18

  • Mr. Lai Lexiao
  • Mr. Gu Haotian

Prizes Recipients in 2016-17

  • Miss Li Shuangping (B.Sc. IV)
  • Miss Yang Ruoxuan (B.Sc. IV)

Prizes Recipients in 2015-16

  • Mr. Zhang Yongquan (B.Sc. IV)

Doris Chen Postgraduate Prizes

Prizes Recipients in 2014-15

Mr. Chan Shan Tai (M.Phil. Student)
In the article "On the global rigidity of the p-th root embedding" Mr. CHAN Shan Tai solved the characterization problem of the p-th root map up to congruence among holomorphic isometries between the disk and the p-disk, resolving a problem that was left open since the Ph.D. thesis of Dr. NG Sui Chung in 2008.The article, written while Mr. Chan was an M.Phil. student, has been accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the AMS. According to the referee, "the results obtained in this article have made considerable contribution to the classification problem of holomorphic isometric embeddings among bounded symmetric domains", while "the analysis employed in the article is elegant and the presentation of ideas is also very transparent".

Dr. Zhang Yunxin (Ph.D. Graduate)
The thesis is a first systematic treatise on the topic of geometric substructures modeled on varieties of minimal rational tangents (VMRTs) concerning uniruled projective manifolds, where geometric substructures play a role in VMRT Geometry analogous to that of Riemannian submanifolds in Riemannian geometry. According to the External Examiner, "the thesis is an important contribution to the problem of characterization of standard embeddings of rational homogeneous spaces, which opens new perspective for future researches. Yunxin Zhang shows great skill in various areas, e.g., he combines representation theory with classical projective geometry. He builds upon very recent research and contributes himself in it."

Prizes Recipients in 2013-14

Dr. Hui Man Wa (Ph.D. Graduate)
2014Feb24 Doris Chen Memorial Fund Gathering
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Mr. Wong Kwok Chuen (M.Phil. Student)

Doris Chen Postgraduate Scholarships

Scholarships Recipients in 2018-19

Mr. Antoine Lefebvre de Saint Germain (Ph.D. Student)
Mr. Antoine Lefebvre de Saint Germain is a French student who graduated from University College London, where he studied Mathematics with Mathematical Physics. He developed a particular interest in representation theory and Lie theory. He is now studying certain aspects of Lie theory linked to cluster algebras, under the supervision of Prof. LU Jiang-Hua. He feels particularly honoured to be awarded the Doris Chen Postgraduate Award, and is sincerely grateful for the warm welcome given by his supervisor, the graduate students and the staff at HKU.

Scholarships Recipients in 2017-18

Mr. Liu Hao (Ph.D. Student)
Mr. Liu Hao graduated from Southern University of Science and Technology, majoring in Mathematics and applied Mathematics. In his undergraduate study, he learned many courses in different branches of mathematics including algebra, analysis and geometry. Now he is studying partial differential equations under the supervision of Dr. Tak Kwong WONG and Prof. Wenan ZANG. His current interest is in Geometry and PDE. He is honored to be awarded the Doris Chen Postgraduate Scholarship. Also, he really appreciates the support from the Department, his supervisors and his friends.

Mr. Li Sijing (Ph.D. Student)
Mr. Li Sijing is graduated from the Department of Mathematics at Tsinghua University and got a bachelor's degree in 2017. He has built a solid theoretical foundation and acquired sufficient programming skills during his studying at Tsinghua University. He has developed interests in the field of scientific computing during his undergraduate study. Recently, he is studying the multiscale finite element methods and working on stochastic multiscale problems. His thesis advisors are Dr. Z. Zhang and Prof. W.K. Ching. He is honored to receive the Doris Chen Postgraduate Scholarship and grateful for the support and help from his advisors, department, and all friends.

Mr. Guo Sini (Ph.D. Student)
Mr. Guo Sini comes from Henan province, China. He graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, where he achieved the Bachelor Degree of Science majoring in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Financial Mathematics) and obtained the Master Degree of Engineering majoring in Management Science and Engineering. His current research interests include fuzzy programming and its applications in portfolio selection, game theory, and machine learning. Currently he is devoted to research of data assimilation under the supervision of Prof. W.K. Ching, Prof. W.K. Li and Dr Z. Zhang. He is very honored to the award of Doris Chen Postgraduate Scholarship and sincerely grateful for the support of the supervisors, the Department of Mathematics of HKU, and all the people who have ever offered help to him.

Scholarships Recipients in 2015-16

Mr. Li Zhenxin (M.Phil. Student)
Mr. Li Zhenxin was born in Shenzhen, the neighbor of Hong Kong, and graduated from Department of Mathematics in Zhejiang University in 2015. He owns the B.Sc. degree in mathematics and applied mathematics. He built up a strong interest in pure algebra during undergraduate period and now aims to work on related fields of algebra and geometry including algebraic geometry, Lie theory, etc. Currently he is studying on the theory of quantum groups under the guidance of Dr. Zheng Hua and Prof. Jiang-Hua Lu. He is honored to the award of Doris Chen Postgraduate Scholarship and is grateful for the support from his supervisors and all the fellowships have ever given help to him.

Miss Lu Jiejun (M.Phil. Student)
Miss Lu Jiejun comes from Guangdong, China. She graduated as a B.Sc. majoring in mathematics and applied mathematics from Chu Ko Chen Honor College in Zhejiang University. She is passionate for financial mathematics and statistics, both in theoretical and practical ways. She makes great efforts to combine her knowledge of mathematics, statistics and programming, and aims to solve practical problems from the finance industry. Currently she works on the application of hidden Markov regime-switching model in financial derivatives and asset allocation problems under the supervision of Prof. Wai-Ki Ching. She is honored to receive Doris Chen Postgraduate Scholarship and appreciates the support from the department, her supervisor and all the people who have helped her.

Doris Chen Postgraduate Travel Grants

Travel Grant Recipients in 2016-17

Mr. Liu Tao (Ph.D. Student)
Mr. Liu Tao joined 2016 International Symposium on Information Theory and its Application (ISITA 2016) from October 30 to November 2 in Monterey, California, USA, and presented his paper "ARMA(1) Gaussian Feedback Capacity Revisited" there. His supervisor is Dr. Guangyue Han.

        Photo of Mr. Liu Tao

Travel Grant Recipients in 2015-16

Miss Lu Jiejun (M.Phil. Student)
Miss Lu visited Prof. Demba Ba's lab in John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University from July 5 - August 31 2016. She worked with Prof. Ba on algorithms for estimating mixture of point-process state-space models for clustering of neural spike trains.

        Photo of Miss Lu Jiejun

Miss Yang Qingqing (Ph.D. Student)
Miss Yang joined the PIMS Summer School 2016 in Mathematical Finance and the Sixth Inter-national IMS-FIPS Workshop taking place from June 25 to July 6, and July 7-9, 2016, respectively at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, and presented her work on "Optimal Liquidation Strategy Across Multiple Exchanges under a Jump-Diffusion Fast Mean-Reverting Model" there. Her supervisor is Prof. Wai-Ki Ching.

Miss Yu Fenghui (Ph.D. Student)
Miss Yu participated in the PIMS Summer School 2016 in Mathematical Finance which takes place from June 25 to July 6, 2016 and the Sixth International IMS-FIPS Workshop which takes place from July 7-9, 2016 at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. And gave a contributed talk with title "Interacting default intensity with hidden markov process" at the workshop.

        Summer School on June 25 - July 6 and July 7 - 9, 2016

Miss Hou Wenpin (Ph.D. Student)
Miss Hou joined the professional "Machine Learning Summer School 2016" held in Cádiz, Spain in May 2016 and presented her work "On Orthogonal Feature Extraction Model with Applications in Medical Prognosis" there. Her supervisor is Prof. Wai-Ki Ching.

    Summer School on 11-21 May, 2016