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In Memory

Six Decades As a Mathematician and Educator
On the 90th Birthday of Professor Yung-Chow Wong

數 學 教 研 六 十 年
賀 黃 用 諏 教 授 九 秩 華 誕


The Department of Mathematics of University of Hong Kong, with the joint sponsorship of the Hong Kong Mathematical Society, held a symposium on May 31, 2003 to celebrate the 90th birthday of a very senior mathematician and teacher, Professor Y.C. Wong. Professor Y.C. Wong is the main figure who helps to build up the HKU Department of Mathematics into what it is today. He served actively for near to three decades since 1948 until he officially retired in 1976 but continues to keep in close contact with the department as Emeritus Professor. Besides serving as the Head of Department in 1948-1973, he served as the Dean of Engineering in 1950-1953 , and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor in 1963-1966. Professor Wong is also much involved with the groundwork of the establishment of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and served in its Council from 1964 to 1991. He is the Founding President of the Southeast Asian Mathematical Society (established in 1972) and also the Honorary President of the Hong Kong Mathematical Society which he helped to establish in 1979. The Symposium turned out to be a very warm "family gathering" in which students, friends and colleagues of Professor Wong gave short presentations to embellish the theme of the Symposium from their various individual angles. The Symposium is a tribute to the long years of contribution and service of Professor Wong to the department, to the university, to the local community and to the discipline of mathematics.

Programme (designed for viewing using internet explorer, video presentations of more than 4 minutes are divided into smaller files; the bitrate of wmv is 128Kbps, if connection is not fast enough, please download first)

9:30 LC Tsui Professor Lap-Chee Tsui
Vice-Chancellor, HKU
Opening Remarks

9:40 MK Siu Professor Man-Keung Siu
Head, Department of Mathematics, HKU
Professor Y.C. Wong - Four decades as my mentor, colleague and friend

10:00 YH Au-Yeung Professor Yik-Hoi Au-Yeung
Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Mathematics, HKU

10:10 YT Siu Professor Yum-Tong Siu
Department of Mathematics, Havard University;
C.V. Starr Professor, HKU
Professor Y.C. Wong and the beginning of my rigorous mathematics eduction

11:15 KF Ng Professor Kung-Fu Ng
Department of Mathematics, CUHK

11:25 YH Wan Professor Yau-Heng Wan
Department of Mathematics, CUHK;
General Secretary, HKMS

11:30 KY Chan Dr. Kai-Yuen Chan
Honorary Research Associate, Department of Mathematics, HKU
(Formerly Head in the Department of Mathematics, HKU)
Reminiscences of my early years in the Department of Mathematics

11:40 NY Wong Professor Ngai-Ying Wong
Department of Curriculum and Instruction, CUHK
香港數學之成形與開展 - 黃教授用諏先生對數學教育之貢獻

12:00 K Lam
Medley of greetings (in video) from:

Professor Kee-Yuen Lam
Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia

Professor Tsit-Yuen Lam
Department of Mathematics, University of California at Berkeley

Professor Kin Lam
Department of Finance and Decision Sciences, HKBU

  BS Tam Professor Bit-Shun Tam
Department of Mathematics, Tamkang University

  CK Li Professor Chi-Kwong Li
Department of Mathematics, The College of William & Mary

  TY Tam Professor Tin-Yau Tam
Department of Mathematics, Auburn University

  G Chan Mr. Gilbert Chan
Economic and Business Technology Cluster, Ontario Government
(Formerly Technician in the Department of Mathematics, HKU)

12:25 N Mok Professor Ngaiming Mok
Chair, Department of Mathematics, HKU;
Director of Institute of Mathematical Research, HKU
Closing Remarks

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